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Welcome to spray paint art my friend’s ! My name is Porfirio Jimenez C. From  Cancún México Sharing  this art of spray paint Thank you for  visiting. Please  feel free  for Info contact:

Bienvenido al spray arte amigos! Mi nombre es Porfirio Jiménez C. Desde Cancún México Compartiendo este arte de la pintura en aerosol Gracias por su visita. Por favor, siéntase libre para Información de contacto:

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  1. Hola Porfirio, mi nombre es Evanivaldo, me gustaria saber si puedo tener el honor de comprar algo de tu arte, tienes mucha sensibilidad para expresarlo.Gracias,


  2. Your work is OUTSTANDING!!! I wish I could come watch your work in action! I am actually using you as an inspiration for my art class! 🙂


  3. Hello, am kumar. I have been follwing your paintings. It’s simply supurb. It seems u have magic in u r hands and I like u r phrase” painting never be finished until you decide to stop”.

    I have a small request for u, I want to see one painting from you on environmental pollution” like earth planet, some industries on it, smoke comes from the industries and again this smoke reverse on earth like snake or dracula” how does it sounds?


  4. Point of view from swimming pool ” day dreaming” looking at the beautiful ocean at resort like the tourists. Request painting please. If you paint on YouTube I’m Paul from Oklahoma. Gracias!
    We just got back from Cozumel, I miss the beauty.


  5. No wait…….
    Do a painting called Heaven……..
    My idea of Heaven for my friend Paul from Oklahoma
    Gracias Gracias


  6. Just say your painting called Heaven. Very nice.
    Bet you run out of ideas after years. Do you write the words too? The poetry I mean.


  7. Hola hoy vi tu video me encanto el gran dragon que realizastes in Buena hora much as bendicones para ti oye quisiera aprender ojala. Si algun dia puedas visitarme me llamo francisco y vivo in michoacan a qui tienes las puettas de Mi casa habiertas para ti the mandate um correo the mandate mandare un correo


    1. Claro que si amigo algún día sera, muchas gracias, y por supuesto también puedes aprender viendo videos del spray arte en you tube allí tengo un canal pero también varios vídeos de otros que también pinta. Aquí te dejo un link de mi canal


  8. Heyy I really think your art is amazing and it seems like you have a lot of fun and I would like to know do you sell and ship your paintings because I have a painting in mind and I would love for you to paint it and for me to buy it from you


  9. Hello Mr. Porfirio , my name is José I am portuguese and I have been spending some time on the net to see your work which for me is a constant show. Now even bought some stuff to try to paint some pictures, but apparently I’ll have to practice a lot to get some that is at least presentable. Well I just want to say I’m a big fan of yours. Please continu to amaze our eyes. Thank Mr. Hello Mr. Porfirio, thank you very much.


  10. Que tal amigo. Me gustan mucho tus pinturas. Cuanto cobras por hacer una para mi? Soy baterista y me gustaria una pintura como las que haces donde el tema principal sea una bateria. Espero tu respuesta. Gracias.


  11. Hello! Here is an another art enthusiast from finland!! I really love your work!
    Can I ask, what material do you use the spray paint on? Like canvas, paper, plastic, etc?

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    1. Yes my friend!! All the paint i use is acrylics enamel spray paint the brand I use is Mexican and is not available in your country but for sure you can find any others brand that works too! And I use both canvas and poster board, pvc,metal ,


  12. Buenas! Estoy empezando en el mundo del arte a spray y quería darte las gracias por hacer algunas obras fáciles para empezar y demás. Amo tus obras, son increíbles!


  13. I am in love with you art work. I really love watching your videos. Keep up the great work do you sell an ship any of your work?


  14. I’ll be between Cancun and playa del carmen this July so I hope to see your art in person. Absolutely great work


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