Stencils spray art

Okay my friends so here’s Darth Vader stencil 

Here’s one’s of Mayan temple
By Porfirio Jimenez C. 2014



14 thoughts on “Stencils spray art

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  1. I was just introduced to your youtube channel, you are flipping AWESOME!!! A wonderful talent to watch. Do you take requests? Like Dimebag Darrell from the band Pantera or Damageplan… would be an awesome gift to my husband. Please let me know please……

    Thank you for sharing your talent with us also…….keep the dreams alive

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  2. Hi I was inspired by your work and I wanna be spray painter myself. I would like to know which colors you started with so that I can also start from the basics. Keep up the good work🔥👍!!


  3. hola genio admiro tu trabajo, me gustaria preguntarte que clase de papel me recomendas para comenzar. Soy de Argentina y el que usas no se consigue, crees que me sirva usar papel fotografico o busco alguno brillante del mismo gramaje. Agradeceria mucho tu respuesta, saludos y suerte.


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