Do not look at the eyes
My eyes are sacred

Do not look for anything in my eyes
Who do you think you are,
through the door of my soul

My eyes are sacred,
And I open the door to anyone I want,

Do not lean out of my eyes,
If you want to know something,
Touch the door
I’ll gladly open

Do not look at me that way,
My eyes are sacred,
As is the gate, the temple of my soul.

If you want to know what I think,
No need to cross without permission,
you are nobody, to know my secrets

if anyone knows anything about me
its because I gave him my trust
and not by his cunning, he believes that managed to obtain.

if dodged your look, not out of fear,
not to burst your eyes
Well you are human and deserve respect

My eyes, are sacred,
And only God knows my soul,
without me saying anything.

No me mires a los ojos
Mis ojos son sagrados

No busques nada en mis ojos
Quien te crees que eres
para atravesar la puerta de mi alma

Mis ojos son sagrados,
Y yo le abro la puerta a quien yo quiera,

No te asomes a mis ojos,
Si quieres saber algo,
Toca la puerta
Con gusto te abro

No me mires de ésa manera,
Mis ojos son sagrados,
Pues es la puerta, del templo de mi alma.

Si quieres saber que pienso,
Nó necesitas atravesar sin permiso,
no eres nadie, para saber mi secreto

si alguien sabe algo de mí
es porque yo, le he regalado mi confianza
y no por su astucia, que cree que a logrado conseguir.

si esquivó tu mirada, no es por miedo,
Lo hago para no pincharte los ojos
Pues eres humano y mereces respeto

Mis ojos, son sagrados,
Y solo dios conoce mi alma,
sin que yo le diga nada.

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