Spray paint art

De niño pensaba que la vida era plena que no había problemas,

Que el mundo era plano sin final,

Pero más allá de la imaginación;
También pensaba que era redonda y que estábamos adentro del globo, que subiendo las montañas más altas; podías tocar el cielo,
Pero ahora me doy cuenta que no, no es así.

Qué en la vida hay más allá por descubrir,
Vivir cada momento,disfrutar cada segundo,
Verte sonreír;
Eso es vivir.
As a child I thought that life was full there were no problems,

That the world was flat without end.

But beyond imagination;
I also thought it was round and we were inside the balloon, which climbing the highest mountains, you could touch the sky,
But now I realize that no, it is not.
What in life is beyond undiscovered
Live every moment, enjoy every second,
See you smile;
That’s living.

3 responses to “Spray paint art”

  1. euphorictempest Avatar

    Would you consider selling this painting? How much would you sell it for? It is absolutely beautiful and I would love to have it in my home!!!


    1. euphorictempest Avatar

      That would be brilliant!! How much would it cost to have you make another and send it to me? And would it be possible for you to make the person in the center a girl? I’m so excited!!! Thank you for getting back to me!!


      1. spray paint art Avatar

        Yes, there’s not problem, I can paint with a girl. I just send you by your mail. The price and a size, thank you very much


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