My beautiful mermaid

Mi sirena hermosa

Dicen qué es peligrosa,
Insoportable sus mordidas,
Pero soy diferente,
Y quiero estar con ella.

sumergirme con ella
En los mares Caribeños,

navegar con ella; los misterios del universo

Quiero morir por ella;

Mi sirena hermosa,
Mi diosa encantadora!!
My beautiful mermaid
They say that the sirens devour
They are marine monsters
But on my way
I met her

I feel in love

what I do now?

without her sing,
I can not sleep without her

My beautiful mermaid

They say it is dangerous
Supporting their bites
But I’m different
And I want to be with her

I want
dive with her
In the seas of the Caribbean

I want
sail with her
In the mysteries of the universe

I want to die for it

My beautiful mermaid
My lovely goddess!

3 responses to “My beautiful mermaid”

  1. Aaron Del Toro Avatar
    Aaron Del Toro

    Wow te quedo magnifico man, vendes estas pinturas? Me gusto esta, veo tus videos en youtube.


    1. spray paint artist Avatar
    2. spray paint artist Avatar

      Muchas gracias amigo!!


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