The extinct has returned

El extinto, ha vuelto a la vida
el que descubrió el fuego, ha regresado
el que le da sabor a la vida, ya esta aquí
y esta en ti, y esta allí
escondido en el núcleo de nuestro planeta
cuando ríes, cuando sientes el corazón y te enamoras
y hasta cuando lloras de dolor
sientes el poder del fire;
Te da el poder inagotable para triunfar
y te absorbe la vida inservible;
Purificando tu carne en vapor...
The extinct has come back to life
the one who discovered the fire has returned
the one that gives flavor to life, is already here
Hidden in the core of our planet
When you laugh, when you feel your heart and fall in love
and even when you cry in pain
You feel the power of fire;
It gives you the inexhaustible power to succeed
and absorbs your useless life;
Purifying your meat in steam...

2 responses to “The extinct has returned”

  1. Elis Avatar

    hello my name is Elis and admire art, and I like painting a picture, you have inspired me a great talent and imagination keep it up.
    I thought about it and I want to follow you and try the same thing, I just need to know what you use the spray, I think it’s aero comix acrilic’m not sure, I can not find anywhere on the internet could you send me the link?
    Please write thanks Elis.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. spray paint artist Avatar

      Yes my friend welcome! Ok this Comex is Mexican brand and is not available in others country but you can use any others brands in your country it has to be acrylics enamel spray paint and it works on canvas and poster board, pvc , metal!!


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