Spray painting on paper

Size: 45×100 centimeters

140 usd, free shipping

sold – vendido 

5 responses to “Alien”

  1. Eddie Gonzalez Avatar
    Eddie Gonzalez

    Hello first off i would like to say very good art work you have a very good imagination. I am definitely interested in getting the alien painting with the planets in its eyes, how much for one on a canvas.


    1. spray paint artist Avatar

      Really my friend! Okay
      150 usd and free shipping please if you agree let by mailbox please Thank you very much my friend!!


  2. Adrian Avatar

    hey, i really like this art but i saw that it is sold. do you make another one and do you ship to germany? im very interested thx.


    1. spray paint artist Avatar
      1. Adrian Avatar

        ok nice. i wrote you an email.


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