El reino del amor

El reino del amor
se construye entre lo bueno y lo malo;
Es muy cierto...
si le temes a la oscuridad, es necesario una luz
si la vista te lastima, es probable que la luz es muy intensa
necesitas la oscura noche para descansar

Que ironia

No todo lo bueno hace bien 
ni todo lo malo esta mal

El equilibrio esta entre tu y yo
nuestro amor va mas allá de lo blanco y negro

Los días grises
los hacemos de colores
y en las frias noches
hacemos el amor
juntos los dos
viajamos tu y yo

Hacemos los sueños realidad

No tengas miedo mi amor
te va asustar
pero luego te va gustar...

Soy un ángel vestido de negro
The kingdom of love
it is built between good and bad;
It's very true...
If you are afraid of the dark, you need a light 
if your eyesight hurts you, maybe the light is very intense 
You need the dark night to rest

What an irony

Not everything good is good
Not everything bad is wrong

The balance is between you and me
Our love goes beyond black and white

The gray days...
we make them in colors
And on the cold nights...
we make love
The two of us together 
You and I travel

We make dreams come true
Don't be afraid, my love
It's going to scare you
But then you're going to like it...

I'm an angel dressed in black

6 responses to “El reino del amor”

  1. Gerome Valdez Avatar

    Would luv to learn how. I think u r very talented I live in San Antonio Do u teach online or anything will help.


    1. spray paint artist Avatar

      Yes my friend! I have a you tube channel check it out!


  2. Wendelyn Steele Avatar

    I absolutely love this piece. Is it for sale? Please contact me if so. Thank you in advance.


  3. Andrea Avatar

    Hola buenas noches, aun tienes disponible esta obra?


    1. spray paint artist Avatar

      Hola amiga ya lo vendí esta pintura


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