Razón para vivir

Razones para vivir

Pensando en ti
yo, no se amar
yo, no se sentir
pero tú
haces vibrar mi corazón

soñar, amar,
sentir latir tu corazón,
lleno de pasión.
Reasons to live

I do not love
I do not feel
but you
you make my heart throb

dream, love,
feel your heart beat,
full of passion.

2 responses to “Razón para vivir”

  1. Kevin Hogarth Avatar
    Kevin Hogarth

    Hi do you still have this available also could you tell me how much it would cost to have it shipped to the UK.
    Looks absalutly fabulous and would be excellent present for my 25 wedding anaversery present to my wife


    1. spray paint artist Avatar

      No my friend sold out!!


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