La historia de un Doctor

La historia de un Doctor:

Esta historia es de un Doctor. que surgio de un pueblo, de niño hacía sus mandados, llevando leche al Doctor del pueblo, del cura, y del comisario;
ellos eran los tres personas mas importantes del pueblo. y en una casa muy humilde, el niño le lleva la leche al doctor; al entrar vio algo en la mesa que le causo curiosidad, se los puso a los oídos, y en eso llega el doctor, lo sorprende con su estetoscopio; el doctor le causo ternura al ver al niño con el estetoscopio puesto y le pregunto tu quieres ser doctor, te gusta? Le pregunto; y el niño con un gesto emocionado contesto: si!, y el doctor le dijo; entonces examina me doctorcito!, el doctor puso en el pecho el estetoscopio y el niño escuchaba el latido del corazón del doctor. fue así como comenzó la historia del Niño que se hizo Doctor, y hoy le pinte su cuadro

El entusiasmo y dar buenos consejos, son el mejor estimulo que se le puede ofrecer a un niño para que sus deseos se hagan realidad.


This is the doctor’s story. He grew up in a little town and when he was a child he was ordered to take some milk to the town’ s doctor, the priest and the comissioner. These were the three more important people in the town and in a humble home this child took a jar of milk to the doctor. When he came into the house, he saw something that cause him certain curiosity, put it in his ears and suddenly the doctor arrived and surprised him with his stethoscope . The doctor was very admired to see the child with the stethoscope and asked him: do you want to be a doctor, do you like it? And the child with an excited gesture answered: yes! Then the doctor told him: examine me, little doctor!! The doctor put in his chest his estestoscope and the child was listening the heart beats. It was the beginning of the history of this child who became a doctor and today I painted this picture for him.

Enthusiasm and good advise are the best stimuli for a child make his wishes a reality.

Spray paint artist.


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